This is a relatively new field of research within our labs and currently we are looking at these formulation types as a means to:

  • Reduce or modify the evaporative loss of a herbicide following low volume application to soil.
  • Improve the stability of a concentrated fungicide system in which the active ingredient is inherently unstable and is not suitable for formulation in emulsion systems
  • Control the rate of release of an insecticide when used in a combination of an encapsulated active ingredient in an external O/W microemulsion system containing other insecticides which are designed to give rapid knock-down.
  • Develop multi-active formulations as a means of resistance control.

A number of techniques are being developed by our scientists both in terms of formation and stabilisation of the encapsulated particles and in the techniques used to study specific performance characteristics such as particle size, friability, rate of release etc.

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