This area of our work can be broken down into three distinct fields of study:

  • Development of concentrated liquid feed systems containing high concentrations of primary nutrients (N-P-K) coupled with a broad selection of micro-nutrients. This work is primarily targeted at the hydroponics and home & garden market sectors.
  • Development of novel and innovative fully-solubilised systems where the inclusion of specific solubilising or complexing agents allow the formation of highly concentrated solutions of materials such as Caffeine, Vanillin and other natural extracts thereby increasing significantly their usefulness as commercial alternatives to conventional synthetic chemistries.
  • The utilisation of specially designed surfactant systems for use as tank-mix adjuvants to enhance the performance of existing formulations. The types of components used may improve rain-fastness, UV stability, deposition characteristics, uptake/ translocation and surface wetting.

A wide range of techniques have been developed at R&B Research and these include:

  • Measurement of dynamic contact angle on a range of surface types.
  • Measurement of interfacial and surface tensions
  • Analytical methods to determine residuality of deposits when subject to artificial rain or high levels of UV radiation
  • Microscopy to examine deposition characteristics


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