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At R&B Research we are involved in the development of products that will be used primarily for the in-situ treatment of timbers by both professional operators and the amateur DIY enthusiast and are fully committed to the development of products in a manner that will support BPD and REACH registration throughout Europe.

The use of water based microemulsion fluids is now widely accepted throughout the industry where the many advantages associated with zero solvent, high stability, good penetration and rapid drying is well established. The challenge for R&B is to improve the surfactant and carrier selection process to further optimise performance whilst further reducing any associated exposure risks and an examination of natural oils and other alternatives to synthetic pesticides is a key area of interest to us.

With the ever increasing demands on timber consumption around the world and the associated damage caused by fungi, termites and other wood borer insects the development of techniques and formulations for the treatment and protection of large dimensional timbers remains as important as ever. At R&B Research we are developing and testing a range of highly novel and innovative systems to achieve these goals.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the development of the full range of product types needed to protect and preserve internal and external timbers. The inclusion of pigments, binders, water-proofers and other additives forms an integral part of our work.

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