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The development of formulations for the professional pest control market is an extremely complex process. There are a wide and varied range of pests existing in highly diverse environments requiring a very targeted and strategic approach. Our research team have a wide range of technologies available to them and the choice of formulation type will depend very much on the nature of the pest and the type of treatment process.

The use of microemulsion technology for insect control offers many benefits including good wetting and coverage of treated substrates, enhanced efficacy, good penetration of insect cuticle and excellent phase stability of the diluted product ensuring even dosing with reduced potential for resistance build-up (under-dosing) and operator exposure (over-dosing). These formulations are typically solvent-free and based on fully biodegradable components and therefore offer a safer, more environmentally friendly option when compared with many of the conventional formulation types. The good penetration and adhesion to treated substrates gives better residual protection both outside and in the home where it reduces the risk of children and pets  becoming exposed.

New developments in gel systems offer many advantages over conventional liquid based treatments such as better targeting of pests, longer residual performance, lower operator exposure and reduced environmental contamination. The development of these types of system for rodent control  where the rate of evaporation of water can be significantly reduced look extremely promising.

Our research team is also involved in the development and testing of suspension concentrates, multi active suspension-emulsions, encapsulated systems and other novel approaches to pest control. The placement of formulations in custom-designed delivery systems such as water soluble sachets, specially designed bait stations etc. ensures a more accurate and targeted treatment process.

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