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At R&B Research we are heavily involved in the development of a wide range of products suitable for use in and around the home. This work is carried out in collaboration with a number of major retail suppliers in the UK and includes products ranging from simple cleaners and detergents to very complex feed and micro-nutrient systems highly suitable for use in the ever-expanding hydroponics market sector. In carrying out this work our research team is always conscious of the need to develop safe and easy to use products using wherever possible natural, non-synthetic chemistry; our range of natural oil animal repellent systems typifies our approach to this work.

Recent developments include a highly concentrated suspension system incorporating natural clays, seaweed extracts, NPK nutrients and a battery of micro-vitamins and minerals which gives a powerful boost during all stages of growth in both hydroponic and conventional growth media. We are currently working on a range of herbicide gel systems which will allow much greater control of weeds whilst reducing significantly user exposure and damage to non-target species.

We are also able to develop a range of niche products for the protection of clothing and other fabrics, pet bedding, carpets and soft furnishings. We can develop biocides for use on external hard surfaces, interior walls and tiles or any other substrate prone to attack by moulds and fungi.

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