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The global agrochemical market is constantly under pressure as a result of new regulations aimed at improving product efficacy, reducing operator exposure and meeting ever more complex regulatory demands. At R&B Research we pride ourselves in our ability to change and adapt our ideas to ensure that our customers can comply with and exceed these expectations. Our well-equipped laboratories allow our team of scientists to examine all aspects of performance during the development stages of a formulation from initial feasibility studies to a final commercial product.

We have a great deal of experience in formulating most types and classes of active ingredients including many of the newer bio-pesticides where we are constantly required to develop new techniques for studying these complex systems and have been able to enhance the performance in-line with synthetic molecules. The key to our success derives from our ability to develop applications techniques that will mirror the stresses placed on a formulation when used in the field and to optimise formulations technology to meet these demands with the use of an integrated approach.

By constantly improving and evolving our microemulsion technology we are able to significantly enhance biological efficacy, spray dilution stability, tank-mix compatibility and the tolerance to waters of varying degrees of hardness, alkalinity and temperature. These improvements give the farmer much greater confidence and flexibility whilst achievement of higher loadings makes these systems more cost effective.

Via close collaboration with our customers we have successfully developed a number of techniques to examine the behaviour of spray dilutions when applied to leaf and crop surfaces in terms of contact angle, adhesion, rain-fastness, surface tension and active ingredient deposition. We are able to monitor and manipulate the movement of pesticides following application to soil by the use of surfactant chemistry and variation of formulation type. Additionally, we are able to take existing formulations of all types and improve their performance by the use of adjuvants and other tank-mix components where we can study their effects on key performance parameters.

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