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Applications Research

In developing a formulation it is vital that scientists take in to consideration how and where the finished product is to be used. Under standard laboratory conditions a product is not under the stresses experienced when applied in the field and therefore at R&B Research we are constantly developing techniques which enable us to mimic, as much as possible, these true to life conditions. A significant part of our work is creating a synergy between the formulation design and field performance. We are fully equipped to develop analytical and test procedures that allow us to determine the behaviour and environmental fate of pesticide formulations following application to a target surface.

Background Research

We have a highly innovative and motivated research team who are constantly stretched to produce new ideas and concepts that will further enhance our technologies whilst reducing the impact that these activities will have on our environment and the people who use them.

As part of our programme we examine and evaluate new materials and technologies to determine how they can be manipulated, developed and enhanced to solve a wide variety of problems. Our team would use a variety of techniques depending on the final application whilst building a library of information to support future and on-going studies.

Paramount to this approach is the identification and examination of novel and safer biopesticides from natural and sustainable sources. We are involved in the study of basic physio-chemical properties of key surfactants, adjuvants and tank mix components to determine how these can be used to predict product behaviour under real conditions.

Formulations Research & Development

At R&B Research we pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative and exacting solutions that are tailored to customer’s ever evolving requirements. Our team of scientists have an international reputation for excellence with a wealth of experience in the field of pesticide formulations development enabling a targeted and successful approach to problem solving. Given the wide diversity of problems we are asked to solve we need to have an acute awareness of the various issues involved and the demands of the market and the end user.

Underpinning our research is a commitment to minimise environmental impact and operator exposure through enhanced efficacy, greater stability and the use where possible of natural sustainable inert ingredients.

Our team of scientists thrive on new challenges and would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you and your organisation any potential areas for collaboration.

Limited Environmental Impact

At R&B Research we are acutely aware of the responsibility we have to develop products which whilst effective in controlling pests must also impact on our environment and the people who will use these products as little as possible. By the combination of a careful selection of active ingredients, inert components and maximum enhancement of product performance we can ensure that the minimum amount of chemicals can deliver maximum protection.

Product Stability Testing

Any product developed in the laboratory will be subject to rigorous registrations requirements which will include proof of stability and fitness for use as defined by the product label. This process of determining storage stability is extremely complex because of variability in conditions of storage, transport and packaging use globally. Most regulatory authorities throughout the world accept a battery of standardised accelerated and real time storage testing regimes and at R&B Research we have all the facilities to perform this type of testing.

Throughout a products development we carry out routine chemical and physical testing to highlight and eliminate any such instability issues.

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