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R&B Research was formed by Rachel Branaghan and Bernie Dawson in 2012 and set up state-of-the-art formulations laboratories in Hampshire during October of that year following investment in the organisation by a significant USA based agrochemical corporation. The two directors whilst already enjoying an international reputation for the quality of their research work are conscious of the need to expand our in-house expertise through recruitment of graduate or experienced scientists. Robbie Haines joined the company in March 2013 as a graduate from Sussex University and this will be further augmented by recruitment in the latter part of this year.

The process of formulation development is an extremely important stage in bringing any type of chemical based product to the market place yet it remains an area of research where even large organisations often lack the “in house” skills and expertise required to ensure that their products meet or surpass all of the diverse demands of the market. The Directors of R&B Research have identified this gap in the market and together they have all the necessary experience, skills and drive to ensure that they can successfully “plug” this gap.

The formulations technology developed over a number of years meets all the major requirements of a modern “state of the art” technology which embodies a number of key performance properties.

  • The chemistry used resolves many of the environmental and operator exposure issues;
  • The advanced formulation systems can deliver enhanced biological or performance efficacy which will further reduce the use of chemicals thereby reducing product costs whilst improving safety aspects;
  • The technology is such that it will allow R&B Research either individually or in conjunction with clients to obtain the necessary and desirable patent and IP protection; and
  • The technology lends itself to a number of novel associated packaging techniques which will enhance market acceptance of the product.

The business model has been perfected over a number of years but has been modified in order to suit an organisation wholly involved in formulations R&D. Most of the clients have their own manufacturing facilities and sales and marketing teams; what they lack is the facilities, expertise and time to develop new, innovative and novel formulations technology. By adopting this model to remove these elements from R&B Research it allows us to concentrate 100% on doing what we do well whilst offering our clients exactly what they lack.
With respect to the types of support we offer clients we will take on a range of tasks from very small short term projects through to much more detailed and long term studies and will augment the formulations expertise with technical and sales training and support and product registrations.

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