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R&B Research

Our goal is to build a company where our expertise and quality in the field of formulations research is recognised worldwide so that organisations view us as their first port-of-call when they have difficult problems to solve.

We aim as a company to give our staff complete and undivided support in order that they can fully develop their own individual skills and ideas and in return we will expect full commitment to producing work of the highest quality to satisfy our very important clients.


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We have a great deal of experience in formulating most types and classes of active ingredients including many of the newer bio-pesticides.

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Home & Garden

At R&B Research we are heavily involved in the development of a wide range of products suitable for use in and around the home.

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Pest Control

Our research team have a wide range of technologies available to them and the choice of formulation type will depend very much on the nature of the pest and the type of treatment process.

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Timber Treatment

At R&B Research we are involved in the development of products that will be used primarily for the in-situ treatment of timbers.


At R & B Research we work with a wide range of active ingredients which by analogy requires us to develop different formulations technologies to suit the individual active ingredient.

Technology development can and does also extend to development of novel and beneficial application and packaging systems.

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Suspensions & Dispersions

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Encapsulation Techniques

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Aqueous Solutions

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Gel Systems


R&B Lab

Applications Research

In developing a formulation it is vital that scientists take in to consideration how and where the finished product is to be used.

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Formulations Research & Development

At R&B Research we pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative and exacting solutions that are tailored to customer’s ever evolving requirements.

Limited Environmental Impact

Limited Environmental Impact

At R&B Research we are acutely aware of the responsibility we have to develop products which whilst effective in controlling pests must also impact on our environment and the people who will use these products as little as possible.

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